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Blog Archives: January 2018

How to Hold Real Estate in Your IRA

January 31, 2018
  Real estate can be a great investment, and many people don't know they can also put property into their IRAs. However, they have to be careful: one small mistake and an IRA's tax advantages disappear. So what are the rules to follow to have a qualified real estate purchase? You can't mortgage the property. You can't work on the property yourself — you've got to pay an independent party to do any repairs. You don't get the tax breaks if the property operates at a loss. You can't claim depreciation either. All costs associated with ...

Mortgage Rates Jump

January 29, 2018

New Tax Law - Summaries for Individuals and Businesses

January 08, 2018
Although there is still much uncertainty surrounding the actual application of many of the new tax provisions, we want to provide you with the opportunity to review most of the ‘highlights’ of the new law. Below you will find a link(s) to comprehensive bullet-point summaries:  one covering the new changes for individuals, and one covering the changes for businesses.  We recommend that you review the topic headings that seem to apply to your particular tax situation. We are working diligently to analyze the new provisions and create ...

A guide to San Francisco’s Westwood Park from resident historian Kathleen Beitiks

January 02, 2018
By Brock Keeling “Listed as the architect of this early bungalow is George Kelham, who came to San Francisco from New York to rebuild the Palace Hotel after the 1906 earthquake. Kelham is also the architect of the Shell Building, the Russ Building and the Old Main Library.” Early (circa 1917) photos of Westwood Park show streets practically empty of automobiles—now there are cars everywhere—especially in the southern part of the neighborhood. Because we are adjacent to City College (built after Westwood Park), the streets of our ...